Absolute Cinema is the moniker designated to three good friends with a passion for filmmaking. Our experience in the realm of action sports has provided us with a background filming some of the most challenging locations and events on earth, and given rise to a number of innovative and creative camera setups. We’re able and willing to take on large projects, as well as smaller campaigns. Our defining goal is to create stunning visual content. From set design to camera motion and directing, we’re a hands-on, get ‘er done crew with an eye for the creative.



Absolute Cinema is a cinema collective that includes directors David Peacock, Liam Mullany and Andre Nutini. On set, we work as a unit and distribute the tasks of director, DOP and cinematographer depending on the situation. Andre doesn’t back down from any creative challenges, and will hold true to a vision through any maelstrom of doubt. David is a driven writer and director with an ability to develop emotion and purpose in any scene. Liam has a unique eye for cinematography and a fervent passion for attaining specific visual aesthetics. Together, we’re a functioning unit that brings creativity and productivity to the next level in any situation.